Candle Care

Wooden wick candles create a cozy and relaxing crackling sound that produces a beautiful vibrant flame. These wicks will pull a stronger fragrance throw than a typical cotton wick. 

When using a wooden wick candle, it's best to keep the wick as close to 3/16 inches in height as possible, so the flame can easily meet the fuel (aka soy wax) in order to keep burning.

If your candle is still having trouble staying lit after adjusting the wick height, check around the wick to see if there are any tiny holes or pockets of wax. If you do spot one, take your lighter and melt the wax directly around the entire wick to help fill in the hole/pocket, then proceed to relighting your candle wick. Doing so will help the wick light easier. These tiny holes are completely normal with any soy wax product, as the holes were formed during the cooling process of the previous burn. 

Please don’t be discouraged if the wick burns out when initially lighting your candle. It is not uncommon to relight a wooden wick 3/5 times before it finally catches and stays lit. 

These handy tips should solve your candle issues if they arise, but if you’re still having trouble lighting your candle please don’t hesitate to send us an message or email. 


  •  Wooden Wicks should stay trimmed around 3/16 inches in height
  •  Burn the candle for at least an hour but no more than 4 hours at a time
  •  Discard candle when only ¼ inch remains at the bottom
  •  As always keep flame away from drafts, children and pets
  •  Keep the candle away from anything that could catch fire
  •  Only burn candle on a horizontal, flat and fireproof surface